Fast turnarounds

Rapid is our first name.

High-spec challenges

We have the right engineers, equipment and experience.

Tight tolerances

Tolerances so tight, there’s no room for doubt.

Every tool sampled

3+ hour production runoffs for proven performance.

A reliable partner

Here for you since 1997.

  • 7636F365-6258-4967-A141-D463404824EF Created with sketchtool.
  • E34E2D1F-6988-4881-BF6D-AC0DE1D5AB31 Created with sketchtool.
  • 7636F365-6258-4967-A141-D463404824EF Created with sketchtool.
  • 9A679010-6B92-4587-ABCA-5D1400D6123B Created with sketchtool.
  • E905AB21-0F88-4B90-8050-C701A5AB6DEC Created with sketchtool.

From engineering and tooling to process development and cleanroom molding, we offer end-to-end capabilities.

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Creating medical parts with surgical precision and ISO 8 clean room capabilities.


Experts at working with fiber optics tolerances since 1997.

Electronics & Fiber Optics

We partner with some of the biggest brands to provide engineering, tooling and production that drive performance.


We bring value by delivering exceptional sprinkler parts at the right price point.


In an industry that’s always innovating, we can reduce your time to market (TTM).

Renewable Energy

Leading OEMs in every kind of space bring us their high-spec challenges.


  • Medical
  • Electronics & Fiber Optics
  • Transportation
  • Irrigation
  • Renewable Energy
  • Other

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