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Since our start in 1997, we set out to be a valued resource for our customers’ product development teams.

We quickly invested in our people and the latest technology to include product engineering, mold engineering, process engineering, program management and technical plastic injection molding with ISO 8 clean room capabilities. Our company was recently purchase by RL Hudson, a leading custom parts manufacturer and global supply chain expert, who recognized our culture of exceptional service and workmanship. Today, we continue to serve OEMs and design teams throughout the country — and beyond — from our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in beautiful Berthoud, Colorado.

Gregory Nelson


Matt Sharpee

Process Engineer

Steve Lydon

Tool Room Manager

Brian Rank

General Manager

Phil Perrotto

Engineering Manager

Jason Valentine

Clean Room Manager


The Rapid Production Tooling team is dedicated to creating value in every customer relationship. We do this through collaboration, innovation, process improvements and exceptional workmanship. Rapid Production Tooling is owned by and has the powerful backing of RL Hudson, a leading custom parts manufacturer with a robust global supply chain.

Tolerances so tight, there’s no room for doubt.

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When you choose Rapid Production Tooling, you get the combination of our experienced team and our modern, state-of-the-art equipment that together deliver confidence and value. We sample every tool, inspect our parts and meet every specification for your important projects.

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