Apprentice Toolmaker

Why work for RL Hudson

Responsible for reviewing all requirements for each customer inside lead time insuring inventory coverage for each order. Responsible for communicating any potential risk to the customer and working with both the customer and the buyer/planner to identify options/solutions. Communicate statusus, changes and other relevant information related to customer accounts to the Territory Manager, Buyer/Planner, Demand Analyst, and Management Team as needed. Communicate customer needs in an effort to create visability and influence service and performance measures in other functional areas of the business (i.e. Project Management, Warehouse, Supply Chain, IT, Sales, Credit).

The organizational impact involves job requirements and issues which pertain to and bear directly on the operating performance of the business unit / profit center. Account Manager’s role is critical to the success of the organization. Strong customer service can build sales and visibility as the company works to distinguish itself from competitors.

Reports To: Tooling center manager

Department: Tooling center

Job Type: Full time

Status: Non-exempt

Classification: S

Job Summary:

Responsible for manufacturing of molds, fixtures, and gages; performing CNC machining and light programming; assembling and maintaining molds, all with guidance and direction from the Tooling Center Manager and Tooling Center Toolmaker.

The organization impact involves effective management of time and resources to meet required
delivery schedules.

Responsibilities & Essential Functions:

  1. Machine molds, dies, tooling, fixtures, and gages – 70%
  2. Assembly and maintenance of molds and components. – 20%
  3. Maintain all tooling center equipment, ensuring proper function; ensure tooling center is a clean and safe working environment. – 5%
  4. Perform related responsibilities as necessary or required. – 5%